Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova, President
Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova

TATIANA VICTOROVNA NAZAROVA was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on March 08, 1965 into a very reputable and established noble Russian Family, who are able to trace their roots to the noble families of ancient Russia. The only daughter of Duchess Alla Victorovna and Cavalier Victor Nazarov.

NAZAROVA has one child, Victoria Rachel a daughter born on October 12, 2002 in Toronto after moving from Rome in March of 2002. NAZAROVA has earned several degrees and diplomas, as a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Public Accountant, Certified Economist. Nazarova was stationed in Rome for three years with several high profile clients in Italy. During the three years Nazarova also proficiently was a top model with Dolce Gabbana in Rome.


Attended elementary school in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and then continued to High School graduating with honors.

Attended the prestigious Tashkent Polytechnical University in 1982 for three years and assigned as a Computer Science Engineer specifically with programming of Symantic Computers for the Municipality of Tashkent.

In 1987 Ms. Nazarova attended the Economic University of Tashkent and graduated with honors in 1992, as a Professional Economist with a high position in the Government of Uzbekistan.

In 1996 Nazarova left for Moscow, Federation of Russia with a Scholarship to attend the highly acclaimed Moscow University to further expand her education and graduated as, a Chartered Accountant with a high and important post in the Government of The Federation of Russia.


In 1998 Ms. Nazarova was transferred to Rome, Italy to take up the position with a major Audit & Accounting firm, which had several high profile clients, both Russian and also European. In August of 2001 Ms. Nazarova came to the attention of Mr. J. Douglas Crashley of CARLYLE COUTTS CAPITAL CORPORATION S.A. during a Canada Trade & Commerce Board trip to the Federation of Russia and was retained, as an Auditor and Economist.

In January of 2002 Nazarova became the lead accountant for Carlyle Coutts Capital Corporation SA based in Moscow, Federation of Russia. Duties were to conduct due diligence and audit on all projects in the former Soviet Union countries and the Federation of Russia.

In March of 2002, Nazarova was transferred from Moscow to Toronto, Canada to the Head Representative Office of CARLYLE COUTTS CAPITAL CORPORATION S.A., in order to implement major projects around the globe, because of the expertise and knowledge of auditing and accounting.

Projects in 2005

Nazarova assisted in the Capital Structure of 9000 Low Income homes in Bamako, Mali in West Africa to a total of ONE HUNDRED & EIGHT MILLION ($108,000,000.00) USD.
Capital Structure of 600 Villa Houses in Bamako, Mali in West Africa.
Capital Structure of 3200 Low Income homes in Ghana, West Africa to a total of FORTY SIX MILLION ($46,000,000.00) USD.
Capital Structure of two Luxury Condo Apartments in Accra, Ghana West Africa, with 360 units to a total of FIFTY TWO MILLION ($52,000,000.00) USD.
The above projects are of notable notation, which are only a part of the successful Credit Facilities and Secured Investment Portfolios completed.

Noted Achievements

Member of the Trustee Council for the Canadian Opera Company.
Member of the President’s Council for the National Ballet of Canada.
Member of the National Yacht Club in Canada
Member of Alpine Ski Club (Blue Mountains, Ontario)
Member of The Rosedale Tennis Club
Chairman of the Russia – Panama Economic Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Trade
Director & Officer

T. Victorovna Nazarova is a shareholder of the following corporations;

Global TeleNet Communications Corporation - 50%
Carlyle Coutts Capital Corporation S.A. (Panama) - 50%
Financiera Pronto Cash 50%
Panama Yacht & Marine Corporation S.A. 33%
Genesis Building Solutions S.A. 33%
Global Building Solutions S.A. 33%
One World Financial Solutions S.A. 50%
(This is the International MasterCard Department, which implements MasterCard Cards and ATM Machines in over 201 countries.)

SWISS HANNOVER PRIVATE TRUST deals with investments derived for wealthy companies in the Federation of Russia investing in The Republic of Panama, Indonesia, Ghana, Slovenia, India and other parts of the world. Nazarova is in partnership with His Excellency Bagus Satria of the family who are one of the wealthiest families in Indonesia. The above company also own SWISS HANNOVER CORPORATION S.A. incorporated in the Republic of Panama.

MY LUXURY LIFE STYLES is a company incorporated in the Republic of Panama and Nazarova is the sole proprietor. This firm represents the Marketing of the following entities around the world from Panama;

  1. Azimut Yachts
  2. Sun Reef Sailing Yachts
  3. Grand Soleil Sailing yachts
  4. Dufour Yachts

MY LUXURY LIFE STYLES also import many items from China, Indonesia, Columbia, etc;

  1. ATV Vehicles
  2. Jet Skis
  3. Bathroom Fixtures
  4. Windows & Doors
  5. Silk Clothing
  6. Automobiles
  7. Galvanized Alloy Steel