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One of Europe’s top real estate holding companies has established a regional office in the Republic of Panama.

The company SWISS HANNOVER INTERNATIONAL REALTY CORP. said the move follows strong demand from around the world for freehold properties and investments in Latin America, particularly in The Republic of Panama, which has rapidly gained the reputation as Paradise.

‘Until this move we have operated in Europe, Dubai and Easter Europe via an agent and have been very active at numerous property and expatriate events in the region,’ explained Ms. Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova - Managing Director, (with a Diploma, as an Economist and a Chartered Accountant from the University of Moscow) a specialist in Latin America real estate. ‘Demand has been extremely strong from the expatriate market but is also building from within the Panama nationals sector. We now need an office to service these clients and further build our profile in the Lac region which has become the preferred area for “THE FULL LIFE.”

To head up its regional office in Panama, SWISS HANNOVER INTERNATIONAL REALTY CORP., has formed a partnership and alliance with Ms. Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova and Ms. RITA GISELLA MORENO PRETTO DE YOUNG for the office in Panamá.

Property in Panama has proved an excellent investment over the past 10 years and interest in the region is on the increase as equity markets remain low. The Republic of Panama is one of the choice regions to invest and/or live in for far too many reasons to clarify on one page.

We plan to expand our reach within The Republic of Panama and other Latin American countries and substantially increase our offering, due to our solid and financial stability explained Tatiana Nazarova.

Using our expertise, knowledge and financial assets, we will provide personal attention to prospective clients, carefully assessing their needs to ensure their time and money are not wasted. We are not just a real estate company, but more of a full service realty company practicing and putting to use “The Old World” concept and courtesy of client service.

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For more information please contact:

Mrs. Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova
Phone: +507-340-4444
Email: tatiana@swiss-hannover.com

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our projects in swiss hannover

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