Warranty and Guarantee

However, SWISS HANNOVER INTERNATIONAL REALTY CORP. has conducted a thorough “Due Diligence” on each Vendor, Developer and Builder to ensure that the properties are Bona Fide; therefore we offer our purchasers a Limited Warranty & Guarantee that in the event the Purchaser submits a deposit for the purchase of a new Home and the Builder – Developer does not finalize the construction that we will reimburse the Purchaser the complete deposit.

In the event of the Vendor not being able to sell or finalize the sale of the home to our purchaser due to no fault of the Purchaser; then we will also reimburse the purchaser of his complete deposit. The Purchaser will receive a copy of the Warranty and will need to agree to the terms & Conditions.

Of course SWISS HANNOVER INTERNATIONAL REALTY CORP. does not and will not charge any form of fee for this WARRANTY & GUARANTEE.

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Mrs. Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova
Phone: +507-340-4444
Email: tatiana@swiss-hannover.com

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Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower

our projects in swiss hannover

ocean reef islands panama
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