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Buying a new home is always a big decision, but buying overseas can feel even more daunting.

Swiss Hannover International Realty Corp. has built its business and reputation upon helping people like you to find your perfect home abroad then complete the purchase, as quickly and easily as possible.

But why should you choose Swiss Hannover International Realty Corp? That is easy to answer!

Swiss Hannover International Realty Corp. is a privately owned business based in The Republic of Panama and staffed with professionals from every avenue of commerce in Panama. Since we’re entirely independent of any builders, bankers or brokers, you can always rely on us for completely impartial advice and expertise – just ask our customers.

Kindly review and peruse our section of The Firm and read about our professionals with their Curriculum Vitae. We are all here to assist you and it is not for the money, but for the satisfaction of seeing a smile on your face that tells us that we are good at what we do.

Our knowledge and expertise make purchasing properties abroad quick, easy and safe.
Just try one of our great value Overseas Property Viewing Trips to see how our Award Winning Customer Service can make you feel more at home overseas.

We make it easy to find your dream home in the sun

Find the country that’s right for you in Choose your ideal destination and choose your home in Find your perfect overseas property.

Then get to grips with the money side of things in Work out your finances and find out about the property buying process in What happens next.

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For more information please contact:

Mrs. Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova
Phone: +507-340-4444
Email: tatiana@swiss-hannover.com

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Gorgona Summer Villages

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