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Your Mortgage & Financial Needs

Remortgaging in the USA?  Canada, Russia, Europe, Latin America? Euro, Rubles, USD Mortgage.  Second or main home? Interest only or repayment? Fixed rate or variable?

These probably aren’t the kinds of questions you’re asking yourself right now, but when making a property purchase abroad it’s important to know you have a sound financial plan. Interest rates in Latin America can be much lower than in the USA, Russia and Europe, so your dream home may be more affordable than you think.

Our financial partners (FINANCIERA PRONTO CASH S.A. – LATIN AMERICA; ONE WORLD FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS S.A. or FIA INVEST & BANKING CORPORATION in Europe) are available to you to offer you the same independence, value and choice in their recommendations that we give you in choosing your home. They’re free to suggest the best mortgage deals, whether in the USA, RUSSIA or overseas in Latin America. SWISS HANNOVER INTERNATIONAL REALTY CORP. operates in conjunction with a number of Europe’s, Russia and Latin America most prestigious High Street Banks and Financial Institutions. Our Mortgage Division will assist you in every step of the purchase or sale and guess what?

We do not charge for this service! We do not charge any of our clients and purchasers any fee for this service. Your happy purchase is important to us!

They’ll show you how to plan your finances for your property purchase. It means you can be confident about how much you have to spend when you fly over to take a look at the homes you’re interested in and how you can arrange funding for your stage payments. You can even obtain a Mortgage ‘Agreement in principle’ before you travel, to make your buying position even stronger.

Don’t worry about making any commitments too soon - we promise that if you need help with any aspects of buying your dream property, our financial partners will make it absolutely clear as to how owning your dream home really is more affordable than you think.

Planning and Permission

In general, overseas planning systems are broadly similar to those in the European & Latin America countries. Plans are drawn up by architects on behalf of the developers; they are the submitted to the proper authorities for a building permit.

Once permission is obtained, detailed plans and schedules are then drawn up and the builders can start the work.

How does payment work?

Paying a deposit (typically around $5,000.00 USD) will reserve your property and guarantee the fixed price of the completed home.

As the building progresses the developer will require stage payments in order to fund the progress, as an off-plan buyer you are consequently subsidizing the building work and the materials for that specific phase of the build. For this reason payment for your off-plan property is done in stages correlating to the project’s completion.

Stage Payments

These stage payments (usually a deposit and three to four consecutive payments) are scheduled around the building progress and the amount of time to completion. Typically the first payment after the deposit accounts for 20% of the purchase price, paid after about four weeks. The second payment is another 10% after 90 days and the outstanding balance is then paid on completion.

Payment Schedule

Payment for new properties abroad is made in stages. In certain cases the payment schedule can be arranged to suit your personal and financial needs.

It is important that once a new property abroad has been secured with a non-refundable builder’s deposit, the purchase price is fixed and will not change. We at SWISS HANNOVER INTERNATIONAL REALTY CORP. does assure you that the projects we represent are bona fide and the developers are endorsed by us.

For your own security and peace of mind all stage payments must be made directly to your lawyer, who will then issue a receipt and forward the funds to your builder at the appropriate time. We do not accept payments that are intended to the builder and developer and we caution all purchasers not to become involved in such a scheme because of the circumstances of having to lose their money.
In the Republic of Panama there are many qualified and reputable law firms, which can act on your behalf without a “Conflict of Interest”. Several endorsed law firms have links on this web site or telephone or eMail us in Panama.

Your Club, Your Card

SWISS HANNOVER INTERNATIONAL REALTY CORP. offers to you with our compliments our Club Card with the FINANCIERA PRONTO CASH S.A. Value VISA & MASTER CARD with a Line of Credit of FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS and up for your use in either an emergency; purchase furniture or for your personal needs, so that you will have complete peace of mind knowing that advice and assistance is available at the end of a telephone. Simply dial the free phone number and quote your membership number to speak to your personal advisor. How much or how little you use the service is entirely up to you and has no bearing on the subscription you pay.

Become a member and you’ll enjoy information and guidance, regular progress reports during construction, advice on living in the country you have chosen and help with any extra items you require for your new home. Become a member and you’ll have a vast range of expertise available to you in the shape of our team of locally based specialists and advisors who are just one call away or available to you by fax or e-mail.

Not only do you get all this but our specialized services department is continuously seeking to add and improve on the ‘value-added’ items we offer our members. Offers like our ‘furniturepack’ concept – exceptional value, fully comprehensive furniture, furnishings and fittings so all you do is pay and move in – this can be so valuable that many members earn their fee back in discounts and savings!

What this card gives you

Of course we follow up all of the immediate issues following an inspection visit and the signature of a purchase contract without any further investment on your part. But the Owners Club was borne out of a desire to do much more to help you to safely negotiate the overseas home-buying process. We want to ensure that you “feel more at home overseas”.

The Owners Club is built not only on the experience of the thousands of families who have already purchased an overseas property through our partners and us in various countries, but in the main, on the knowledge, experience and skill of members of the Owners Club team who provide the assistance you need.

It’s the most comprehensive after-sales program and portfolio in the marketplace and, for most buyers; it’s an indispensable part of the process.

Contracts and Legals

At SWISS HANNOVER INTERNATIONAL REALTY CORP., we never forget that buying abroad is a major decision, requiring careful thought and good knowledgeable advice. We aim to ensure you find buying overseas isn’t any more difficult than buying at home. The processes may vary slightly from country to country, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with the basic procedures involved.

Puttin Something Back

SWISS HANNOVER INTERNATIONAL REALTY CORP., has always maintained a presence with the community whether they are charities, community groups or environmental initiatives, SHIRC has always been a passionate supporter of worthy causes. In Panama we sponsor Medical Treatment Clinics, Education Scholarships, and much more.

SHIRC has formed an alliance with THE SOCIETE DIPLOMATIQUE and are structuring a charitable trust that gives monthly donations to a number of worthy causes, ranging from the international to the local.

The spectrum of charities supported by SWISS HANNOVER INTERNATIONAL REALTY CORP. Charitable Trust is enormous.

In our busy offices around the world sponsorship, fundraising and helping out the community is an ongoing concern.

We’d even call it a priority…

What is Buying-off Plan?

Buying off-plan Properties Overseas

To buy “off-plan” simply means to purchase an overseas property at the planning stage before it is actually built. Buying ‘off-plan’ is an exciting process that can give the buyer a say and voice in the features and the eventual outcome of the completed property. Wherever you buy, when you buy off-plan, you will be able to see detailed plot plans, discuss the development with experts and interact personally with the builders’ representatives. A show home will usually be completely finished prior to the build for buyers to see the finished product and get an idea of what they are buying.

What are the benefits of buying off-plan?

Property sold off-plan is usually sold for a substantially lower price than the eventual purchase price of the completed property. This means that off-plan buyers could potentially be looking at quite a growth on their initial investment if they were to sell the home once completed. There is also the sense of anticipation that buying property off-plan brings.

The process generally takes between 12 and 18 months from off-plan purchase to completion. Most buyers agree that seeing your dream being realized and having the power to shape the outcome with your input is more than worth the wait! In this time you will have the opportunity to plan ahead, whether it’s furnishing your new home, or finalizing all the planning for your move abroad.



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